Day 299: Refashed in the US Dress

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When I got home from work, I was feeling a bit sleepy, so I slipped into this:


You’re looking at a Size Large Sleep Shirt.  Unfortunately, I really don’t have time for a nap, as I have way too much to do (surprise, right?)!   You’re probably wondering why I even bought a sleep shirt, given the lack of sleeping that occurs in my life!

Here’s your answer:

$24??? Pfffft! I can get this look for $1! Ha! :)

This is a Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt Dress from American Apparel.    I actually don’t have a huge problem with this company, as all of their clothing is made in the USA, and I think it’s important to buy stuff that’s made in your own country whenever you can.  I also really like the quality of cotton jersey they use to make their stuff.  It’s always reallllly soft!

My sleepshirt wasn’t made by American Apparel.  It was made by Hanes…which I DO have a problem with.  They have a history of using sweatshop/child labor to make their clothing.  I find the thought of some 10-year-old making this thing (rather than getting an education or doing fun kid stuff) sickening.

But that’s the great thing about refashioning.  I’m absolved of all guilt.  I didn’t buy this thing originally.    By buying second-hand and refashioning, I’m actually doing a good thing, by extending the life of a garment that probably would have been tossed out much sooner had I not intervened.  :)

It’s a tiny difference, but it is a difference.

Okay…stepping off my soap box…now!  :)

These two garments are actually pretty similar already.  Mine just needs a couple of tweaks to become the doppelganger of the American Apparel numba!  :)

First, I shortened the dress a bit.

Making it Short & Sweet!

Then, I put the dress on my dress form, and got it nice & snug!

Snuggification! :)

I ran each side through my machine…


And that’s it!  Now I have a soft cotton Tshirt dress that looks very much like the one from American Apparel!

Mine is slightly better with the addition of a sash! ;)

I wore my comfy new dress out for margaritas/fun conversation with one of my gal pals.  :)

Mmmmmmagaritas!!! :)
Sssslllllurrrrrp! :)

Cheers!  :)

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