Day 298: Brooching the Subject Top

Day 299: Refashed in the US Dress
Day 297: Deb Day Top

Today’s piece began as a too-big, but phenomenally soft 2x top.

The fabric is fab, but this size on me is drab! :/

I love the color.  I like the neckline.  I like the big sleeves.  And like I said, the fabric is just ahmazingly soft. :)

But…It’s way too big.  I decided to do a quickie no-sew fix to get this top nice & slender!  I took one of my brooches, and pinned the two side seams together in the back, like so:

Brooch it!

Now I still have those flowy sleeves, but my top is nice & fitted just where it needs to be!

Digging those kimono-esque sleeves! :)

The back looks pretty swell too!

Pretty & Drapey! :)



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