Day 297: Deb Day Top

Day 298: Brooching the Subject Top
Day 296: Forest Fairy Dress

When I was invited to a Mustache Themed Roller Skating Birthday Party (You just can’t make this stuff up, folks), I knew I’d want to wear something comfy.  I opted for this: a tent. :/

This $1 Goodwill top really wasn’t doing it for me.  :/   It’s too big, and even if it wasn’t, it would still be a mind-thumpingly boring top.

I decided to change things up a bit!  I put the top on my dress form inside-out, and pinned along one side like this:

Off the shoulder! :)

Then I pinned the other side like this:

On the shoulder! :)

I stitched up each side..


…and now my top is slightly more brazen than boring!  :)

It pairs well with my sweet skates! :)

Some of you guys already know this, but I played Roller Derby in a previous life, when I answered to the name, Thrill Kill Jill!  :)

You'll notice I didn't say I played particularly well. :)

I hadn’t skated since breaking my elbow, so tonight was a real treat!  While my derbyin’ days are done, I still really love skating (and it’s an awesome workout)!

We all did our part to keep with the Mustache Theme, too!  :)

So sexy!
Chaplin 'Stache! :)
So happy with her sweet 'Stache!
Erin needs to grow into her 'Stache. :P
2 Piece 'Stache!
If I stopped waxing for a couple of weeks, my 'Stache would look remarkably like this. ;)
My Arm 'Stache brings all the boys to the yard! :)
Finger 'Staches! :)

And just who is the lady that this Top-Secret Surprise party was all for???

My former teammate, Deb aka The Debilitator! :)

SUCH a fun time!!! :)

Before heading to the rink, one of my buds called to ask if they served alcohol on Adult Skate Night.  The owner’s reply works really well as a Condescending Wonka. ;)

Picture this being said by a lady with a thick Southern accent. :)

Cheers!  :)

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