Day 296: Forest Fairy Dress

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I’m quite happy with today’s refashion, you guys!  :)  I started with this $1 3x long sleeve tee from Goodwill.

Honey, I shrunk the Jillian!

I chose this big tee for a couple of reasons.  First off, it’s made of really high-quality thick cotton jersey, which isn’t always easy to find.  I also knew I’d want to make it into a dress, and the only shirts I can really do this with have to be 2x or greater, otherwise they won’t be long enough.

The first thing I needed to do was get this shirt in shape.  :)  I put it on my dress form right-side-out and pinned the sides.

Are you wondering why I didn't turn it inside-out? :)

Then, I sewed the sides up, except for the sleeves!


Then, I did some cutting!

Do you see where I'm going here?

I cut two small holes right next to the seams on my waist.

Holey Moley! :)

I cut the sleeves off the two side strips, and stitched my two strips together.

Two becoming One! Awwwww! :)

I reached into my dye stash, and pulled out this guy:

Verde Suave!

Now, as some of you might remember, the washing machine in my new digs doesn’t get hot water for some reason.  :/  As I want a nice, dark, saturated hue for my new dress, cold water just wasn’t an option.  I was also running late to meet a friend from out of town, and really needed to do all of my girly getting ready stuff.  This meant I really didn’t have time to sit and stir a pot of dye for an hour. :/

So, I did what any lazy girl would do, I just wadded up the dress and plopped it into a dye bath on my stove, and left it there for an hour.  I knew the dye wouldn’t set evenly…but I was optimistic.  I figured an uneven dye job could end up looking pretty cool.  :)

Abandoning my dress to its fate!

After the hour was up, I rinsed it in my machine.

Rinsey Rinsey!

After it was all rinsed out, I dried it, and tossed it on just in time to head out to meet an old college pal from my theatre days!  :)

I seriously love this one, folks! :)

I realllllly like this one!  I like my side fin things, how the sash works, and the uneven green color!

My hip new dress was perfect for a day spent at the very hip Indie Grits Film Festival!

But first…I needed to taste a bit of wine at Cellar on Greene.  ;)

Happy Winos! :)

Then, Gary and I checked out a few short films at the new Nickelodeon Theater…

Happy Filmgoers! :)

One of which was in 3-D!

The filmmaker actually made her own 3-D specs AND hand-painted them too! :)

We even got to vote on which films we liked best!

I am the DECIDER!!!! :)

This was such a fun and busy day!  We went around checking out the studios a few local artists, and even saw a puppet slam that night!!!  Sadly, I couldn’t take any pics (flash photography is a major no-no!), but the show was completely amazeballs!

This. Was. Awesome. :)

I love days like this where there are tons of awesome & unique cultural events going on in my little city.  It really makes me proud to live here in Columbia, SC.  :)


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