Day 294: Sea Foam Dream Jacket

Day 295: Giraffe-tastic Top
Day 293: Polka Not Dress

Ever since my delightful beach trip last week, I can’t get thoughts of the ocean out of my head!  Perhaps that’s why I chose this $1 dress for today’s refashion.

I probably should have just thrown it in the ocean!

I love the sea foamy hue, and check out these sweet buttons!!!

Sea Shells!!!!

There were a lot of problems with this dress though.  I hated all those stupid pearls on the neckline and pockets, there are some serious shoulder pad issues going on, and one of those sweet buttons is MIA!  :/

My first order of business was to remove a few annoyances!

Pearls of Shame. :(
Pads of Shame. :(

I was in a trouser mood, so the next thing I did was chop off a whole bunch of length!  This also meant that I wouldn’t have to deal with the missing button issue anymore.  :)

Chopping her in half like a failed magician! :)

I turned my soon-to-be jacket inside-out and got to pinning!

Shape up, or ship out! :)

Then, I sewed along my pinned lines.  After adding a hem to the bottom raw edge…


…I was all done!  Now my jacket was ready to come with me to the opening party for the at !  :)

Still rocking my fave  ‘do from 1995. :P
Party People!
More Party People! :)

While at 701, my buddy Erin and I headed upstairs to see what was in the gallery…

Our minds were sufficiently blown!

He’s right behind me, isn’t he???
The closest I’ll ever get to being a Dr. Who Companion. :(
Erin has a new friend! :)

This exhibit is flippin‘ AWESOME, and if you’re in the Columbia area, you really need to check it out!  The gallery has been made to look like a spaceship with tons of robots hiding everywhere!!!  :)

You want to go to here.


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