Day 293: Polka Not Dress

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Today’s dress is one hot polka-dotted mess!

I take it back. This dress is all mess and totally sans hot! :/

This shapeless frock doesn’t have much going for it.  :/  I don’t wear very much Navy Blue, so that’s nice I guess (meh?).  Aaaaannnnd…that’s pretty much the only compliment I can offer for this thing.

I plopped this ugly thing on my dress form and started pinning the sides to fit.

I'm not feeling wildly optimistic, folks.

I stitched each side down…

Hmmmnnn...maybe it'll start taking shape now! :)

I cut off the extra fabric, and began to feel better about this dress.  The smaller size made those dots a little less glaring!  :)  Now I just needed to update the length a skosh.  :)


Now my dress is looking much better, and fit to be seen in public!  :)  Jonel even loaned me her sweet new hat for my after pic!

Well I do declayah! ;)
...and then she took it back. :(
Belting out some Earth, Wind, & Fire! :)
Sam = Karaoke Photographer. :)

Cheers!  :)

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