Day 291: Weird Science Dress

Day 292: Marigold Dress
Day 290: Mad About My Me-Made Makeup Bag

This dress totally looks like a hospital gown.  :/

See what I mean?

It actually isn’t though.  It’s a lovingly (?) handmade smock thing with a really crazy print!

As I don’t relish the idea of looking like an escapee from a mental health ward, there was a bit of work to do here!

First, I put the dress inside-out on my dress form, and began pinning the sides to make it fit.  :)

Pinning along...

The arm holes were both ripped, but this wasn’t a big dealio, as I took them in a bit too!


I ran each side under the needle…


…then chopped off some of that awkward length!

buh bye! :)

Alrighty!  I’m sooo close to being done!  I gave the bottom a new hem, like ya do.

Almost done!!!

I pressed the whole thing, and was ready to run out the door just in time to make it to a viewing of the Japanese film, .

Enjoying a little pre-movie brewski. :)

This movie is pretty flipping awesome.  If you’re into The Hunger Games, you should really check this out.

We certainly enjoyed it!  :)

Cozy Filmgoers! :)

…and we weren’t the only ones!  :)

The Hunger Games = Battle Royale w/ Cheese ;)


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