Day 287: Hibiscus Dress

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Day 288: Off The Grid Dress
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Okay, you guys!  Pay attention, because what you’re about to see is my personal FAVORITE refashion to date!  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)

It all began with this $1 skirt.

Innocuous enough, right?

You’ve seen a lot of skirt to dress refashes on this blog, but not quite like this.  :)  I put the skirt on my dress form like so:

Pinning a sleeve!

Then I sewed a line where I pinned out my future sleeve!


Then I sewed another line next to the first one!

Whirrrrr #2!!!!

I made a cut between the two lines, like so:

Do you see where this is going???? :)

I tightened up the non-sleeve side to make my new dress more fitted.

Just an inch or so!

I cut off the excess fabric, and now I have this ah-maz-ing new frock!!!  :) :) :)

I have a huge crush on this one, folks! :)

I wore my fabu new dress to spend some quality/quantity time with a delightful friend from out of town who sneakily snapped the following pic.  :)

Feeling shy about the impromptu photo shoot. :)




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