Day 278: Trouble with a Capital VW

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Day 279: Uptown Girl Dress
Day 277: Wine Not? Tee

Today’s dress wants to be a fun sun dress, but it isn’t quite cutting the mustard, is it?  :/

Nothing fun has ever happened in this dress.

The length is weird, and it’s 2 sizes too big!  Then there was this:

Hmmm...maybe something fun HAS happened in this dress...*imagines strap being broken in a fit of passion*

First things first!  I took this dress in from the back.  :)

Pin it! Then Sew it!

Then, I stitched those two ends of the strap together.  But there was still that terrible length!


Now that dress is ready for an exciting day!

Work = Not very exciting.

And then this happened.  :(

WHY, Car? What's your plan? I can't help you! No one can!

So my sweet yellow baby started making strange noises and I pulled over.  Into the nearest parking lot, which turned out to be remarkably dodgy.  I saw at least two shady dealings.  Someone parked in front of me and flashed their lights twice, stared at me, and then drove away.  I’m guessing that was either A. A drug thing or B.  They were hoping I was a prostitute.  I would be the world’s worst hooker by the way.  I waited a whopping hour for a tow truck to get there, avoiding the furtive glances of sketchy people whose idea of happy hour is taking luxurious sips from malt liquor bottles encased in paper bags whilst lounging in parking lots.

Fortunately, my car was eventually towed to the mechanic, and I was able to still have a fun night (sadly sans auto)!  :)

Karaoke night cures all! :)

I even decided to have some ink done!

It's fake, I swear! :)
Good friends make car trouble tolerable. :)

So pray to the deity of your choice that my little VW will be okay, and that it won’t cost an arm and a leg to fix whatever ails it!


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