Day 271: Pisces Dress

Day 272: Never a Bride Dress
Day 270: Fab Harbor Dress

The Pisces in me rejoiced at the happy aqua hues of this frock!

I look like a toddler. :/

Of course, I wasn’t about to wear it as-is!

To get started, I made several chops!

Chop it!

I pinned that top raw edge under, and ran it through my machine.


Then, I took those two sash things and attached them to the top of my new dress!

Strap Tease!

Now I have a sweet halter dress for a lovely sunny day!

I tossed on a cozy cardi to keep warm during a Tech Rehearsal for Plan 9 From Outer Space.

Just chillin the ya do!
Meet Tor! :)
Criswell predicts that this show is going to be amazeballs! :)
Check out that sexy back!
Such a tired lady!

I’m so happy that soon this show will open, and I’ll get to sleep like a normal person again!!!


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