Day 268: Good Meal Dress

Day 269: Can't Leaf Well Enough Alone Top
Day 267: Jackson Pollock Dress

I’ve decided.  I officially need 5 more hours in my day.  Or a wealthy husband to support my kind-natured, but extremely  unlucrative interests!  ;)  After a long day of organizing my bins of clothes that I’m living out of and working on costumes, I was tired.  And sad.  I couldn’t pinpoint the exact nature of my sadness, which made me sadder.  :/  Then it hit me!  I wasn’t sad, I was just really really hungry!  :) This wasn’t the kind of hunger that could be sated by a couple of slices of pizza or a salad (what I’ve been living off of all week).  I needed a good square meal.

But first, I needed something to wear for said meal!  I chose this dress.

Prince's Grandmother probably owned something like this...

There was no way I was going out in public looking like this!  The purple hue is lovely, and I dig the black piping, but this acrylic fabric is extremely unbreathable!

First, I made my dress more comfy by removing those stifling sleeves!

Buh bye, sweatmakers! :)

Then, I hiked up that length!

Short and sweet!

My new dress got a happy new hem!


I pressed my new hems, and drove through a hail storm to get to !

Storm Survivor!!!

I was happy and sated after consuming all of this:  :)

A verrrry happy girl! :)

Cheers!  :)

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