Day 260: Cutting it Off Top

Day 261: Happy St. Pat's!
Day 259: Seeing Red Dress

Egads.  Today was tough, friends.

People don’t always behave honorably (or even sanely) when they feel hurt.  :/ It’s much easier to flip out/act out than it is to just keep breathing and treat others with dignity and respect.  These are character defining moments that can lead others (me) to completely reevaluate what kind of person you (he) are (is).

It was time to get the hell out of my old house.  My Plan 9 costumes were almost done, and things were getting weird.  My pals whose house I’ll be renting when they move out in a couple of weeks graciously told me to just start moving in already.  :)

So today’s refash was quick.  I started off with this 90’s 3rd grade teacher dress.

Ms. Coomer, I thinking of you.

I grabbed my scissors and made a big chop!

Cut. It. Off.

And yes, that’s it.  Because I didn’t have the time or my sewing machine on hand.  :/

Buuuut, my new top looks really cute!  :)

Temporary new backdrop!

Okay, so this refashion really isn’t impressive at all, so I’m going to attempt to placate you with another sneak peek of my costumes for !  :)

...and this ain't even all of em! (Photo by Chris Bickel)


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