Day 258: Ashes of Roses Dress

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Day 259: Seeing Red Dress
Day 257: Paisley Park Dress

Today’s dress is one of those truly hideous numbers that should have never been thought of.  Seriously.

I kind of want to slap the person who designed this terrible thing.

Ugh.  I had been putting off refashioning this hideous dress for a really long time, but my refash stash was low.  I wasn’t certain that I could do anything to save it!

When in doubt, I just start removing the things that annoy me.  :)

Any step forward is in the right direction!

I pinned my new armholes, and put them under the needle!

Going sleeveless for a warm SC day! :)

Okay…things are looking better!  But I think I can do a bit more chopping!  :)

Chop and Chop!

I tied the bias binding from the bottom of the dress around my waist as a mini-sash,  and hopped out the door to rehearsal!  :)

Time to go outfit some zombies! :)

After rehearsal, I spent a little time with some fun people at Karaoke Night!  :)

Hi Herbie! :)
Happy Birthday, LA! :)


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