Day 254: Happy Birthday to Me!!! :)

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Day 255: Kicked Back Dress
Day 253: Wino Dress

Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!  :)  Today, I hit the big 3-0!  I needed something fun to wear for what I hoped would end up being a delightful evening.  Unfortunately, all I had was this sad jumpsuit!  :/

Oh dear.

The previous owner had obviously pulled a Jillian and damaged one of the legs!

Tripping and falling...not just for Jillians anymore! :)

Yikes!  This was going to need a lot of work!

First, I needed to take care of that completely blah lack of color!  I tossed the jumpsuit into a nice, hot dye bath.

A blue hue will certainly do!

After the bath, I unpicked the crotch.  This jumpsuit was about to become a cute & sassy dress.  :)

Pick! Pick! Pick!

I put the jumpsuit on my dress form, and pinned down my new seams for what would be my new dress.


I stitched my new seams down and then took in the sides, completely removing the side pockets (they ruined the lines of the dress).


I was so close to being done!  :)  I wanted my new dress to be a cute cocktail numba, so I hacked off a good bit of the length.


Then I gave it a new hem.  :)


I tried my dress on, and realized that I hated that netting at the top.  Off it went!

Snippy Snippy!

I have to admit, I’m really quite proud of how I managed to save this one!  :)


Sadly, I completely forgot to take any after pics while I was out and about!  :(  Don’t fret!  I had a marvelous evening!  :)

Aging like a fine wine! ;)

Oh!  Some of you might be interested to see the label on this freebie…

Phillip Flipping Lim!!!!!! Eeeeeee!

Cheers!  :)

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