Day 248: Nomadic Top

Pretty colors, but meh!
Day 249: Day 55 Revisted!
Day 247: Busy Day Dress

Whew!  My new nomadic lifestyle has presented some interesting challenges, which has led me to do a few no-sew refashions.  Don’t fret!  There’s plenty of sewing coming up, I promise!

Today, I started with a pretty blah polyester dress.

Pretty colors, but meh!
Pretty colors, meh!

I cut it into 3 pieces.

Uno! Dos! Tres! :)

I’m saving that bottom scrap so I can turn it into a skirt later.  I turned my new top backwards, so I now have a V-neck.  I used the middle scrap to tighten the waist of my new top!  :)  I settled in to watch The Walking Dead with a tasty glass of Pinot!

Zombies & Me & the Vino makes three tonight!

Once again, pardon the lack of sewing going on.  I promise to wow you later, okay?  :)


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