Day 239: I Heart Fortuny!

Day 240: Short & Sweet Dress
Day 238: Little House on the Scary Dress

Little old lady dresses are such a blast to refashion!  :)  Check out this one with its nifty Fortuny-style pleating.  Sadly, it doesn’t have much else going for it!

Un'fortuny'nately, it's not that attractive yet. :/

I was in a hurry, so this needed to be quick!  I turned the dress inside-out and stitched a seam over each sleeve.


I chopped off the sleeves, then decided to get rid of most of the length.  Today was  just a jeans kinda day!   Hooray for Casual Friday!


Now that frumpy old lady dress is a sweet & sassy new top!

Fortuny for the fortuneless!

Today was a wee bit chilly, so I tossed on a sweater before heading to Pita’s for a tasty Mediterranean lunch!



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