Day 238: Little House on the Scary Dress

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Day 239: I Heart Fortuny!
Day 237: Bad Day/Good Night Dress

If this dress was a person, I would shoot it in the face to put it out of its misery!  :/

Seriously...put me out of my misery!

This seriously looks like something from Little House on the Prairie!

Ugh!  I began my dubious quest to refashion this monstrosity by removing those sleeves and that ridiculous collar!

I'll be honest...I really wanted to just rip this thing to shreds!
Ah! That's better!

Next, I threw the newly disarmed dress into my machine with some black dye!

Dye! Dye! My Darling!

Since this dress is made of polyester, I knew it wasn’t going to take much of the dye at all.  This dress wasn’t going to end up anywhere close to black, but it wouldn’t be quite so pink anymore!  :)

After the dress was done with its bath, I pinned the neckline and the armholes back together.

Pinned and prepped!

Then, I stitched it all back up!


Now that dress is looking WAY better!  Whew!  :)

I wore my dress to work for a beyootiful 80 degree day!  I even got to put the top down!

Convertible = Joy!

That night, I headed to a rehearsal for the play I’m costuming!  :)

Whew! Good save!
Plans 1-8 just didn't quite work out...
Hot Rehearsing Action!

I can’t wait to share more about this show as it progresses!  :)

I’ve been so flippin’ busy lately!  Thank goodness for the cheap-o deliciousness that is Little Caesars Pizza!  Without them, I might starve!

Hot and Ready! :)


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