Day 230: Send in the Clowns Dress

Day 231: Boldly Going Nowhere Top
Day 229: V-day in NYC!!! :)

Today’s piece was so awful that I couldn’t just stop at one “before” pic!  :)

Send in the Clowns.
There should be clowns.
They're already here!

Okay…enough clowning around (wow that pun was awful, even for me!)!  :)  I wasn’t feeling that weird yellow and white giraffe print, so I dropped it into a bath of black and teal dye.   :)

Bath Time!

After the bath was done, I unpicked the crotch of the jumpsuit and cut off the legs.  Then, I got to resizing!

Pinned on each side!

I also pinned the front and the back of my future dress where I unpicked the legs.

Just pin a straight line!

I sewed up all my pinned areas, and chopped off the extra fabric.


My dress was looking realllllly cute already!  I gave it  a new hem…

Hem time!

…but still wasn’t entirely pleased.  I grabbed the legs I removed earlier, and turned them into a wide sash.  :)

Step 1
Stitch that sash!

Now my new dress was definitely ready for my second and last day in NYC!

Sitting Pretty!
Leaving...on a jet plane...

Before flying back to SC, I stopped off for a bit of jitter-fighting vino!  :)

No fear of flying here, folks! :)
Time to call it a day!

I hadn’t been to New York in a few years, so this was a really nifty little visit that reminded me of why I really should try to visit more often.  :)  With a little luck, maybe I can.

Cheers!  :)


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