Day 227: Kimono Jacket

Day 228: Bellhop Dress
Day 226: Art Dec-oh! Dress

I was feeling a bit draggy today, and wanted nothing more than to curl up in something comfy, like this $1 kimono!

So comfy!

Sadly, I actually had to leave the house for a production meeting for a play I’m costuming (because, you know…I just needed something else to do), followed by some hang time with friends. :)

Luckily, this kimono didn’t need much to be streetwear-worthy!  First, I made a big chop…


Then, I pinned the raw edge under twice…

A hem in the making!

…and ran it through my machine!


I pressed my new hem, and was ready to head out in my cute new kimono jacket!  :)

So Chic!
The back!

Do you recognize my headband?  It’s the cut-off elastic waist scrap from Day 223!  It’s perfect for helping me pull my hair back!

That hair is outta the way! :)
TV Buddies!

It looks like I’m not the only gal out there who digs a fun kimono jacket!

Famous people dig it too!

But I seriously doubt any of theirs cost less than mine.  ;)

Fashion: Not just for celebs anymore! :)


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