Day 225: Windy Day Batwing Coverup

Day 226: Art Dec-oh! Dress
Day 224: Annie Dress

When I found this big skirt in a bag of refashionables from Revente’s Last Call, I got really excited!

I hide my excitement really well. :)

The print is lovely, but I’m thinking today needed to be a jeans day!  Not to worry…I knew just what I’d need to do to turn this baggy skirt into an exotic Batwing Coverup/Cape Thing.  :)

First, I turned my skirt inside-out and pinned a line right under the elastic waistband.

Pinning right along...

Then, I sewed it right up!


I turned the skirt right side out, and put it on my dress form.  I played with it a bit…figuring out exactly where I wanted the sleeves to be, and how long I wanted them to be.


Once I had the sleeves figured out and pinned, I ran them through my machine.

Winging it!

Now my Coverup/Cape Thing is ready to step out into the world!

Watch out for that wind!

I wore my Coverup/Cape Thing to Cafe Strudel, where I enjoyed a big tasty plate of hash browns!



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