Day 222: Jet Setter Dress

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Day 223: Connect the Dots Dress
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The print on today’s dress made a travel lover like myself (just ignore the fact that I never seem to go anywhere new, okay?) all sorts of happy!  :)

Travelocity would approve!

The big prob with this dress is how unflattering the fit is.  The length is a bit awkward as well.

I turned my new dress inside-out and got to pinning!

Pin each side!

I ran each side through my machine.


I cut off the excess material, and then got to work on that length.  I cut off a couple of inches, and then hemmed it.  :)

Pin & Sew!

Now that ill-fitting frock is perfectly fitted and fun!

Fits like a glove!

I threw on a sweater to keep from getting to chilly.   :)

Better with a sweater!

I wore my fun new dress to Hunter-Gatherer for happy hour with some colleagues to celebrate the Statewide Arts Conference one day in advance!  :)

Yay Happy Hour!


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