Day 221: I Dream of Jar Dyed Tees!

Day 222: Jet Setter Dress
Day 220: Giants Dress

When I found a  ladies white tee for $1 at one of my fave thrift stores, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!  :)

Tabula Rasa!

I still had a teensy bit of Fuchsia and Kelly Green Dye left over from other projects.  “Hmmmmmnnn….What to do?”, I asked myself.

I boiled a kettle of water, and put the white tee in a pitcher.  As I put it in, I hid a little bit of each dye in the folds of the fabric, alternating colors.

First the fuchsia, then the green, and so on!

I poured the hot water over the top of the tee.  It looked like this:

View from outside!

I left the tee in the pitcher for about 45 minutes.  Then, I rinsed it off in my machine.

Rinsey Rinsey!

Now I have a cute tee that’s perfect for an exciting evening…

Wait...didn't I say exciting?
So sleeepy!

…on my couch!  :D  I was so tired from such a fun weekend!  Even Refashionistas need their rest!  ;)


Nighty Nite!  :)

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