Day 217: Earning my Stripes Dress

Day 218: to Bea or Not to Bea Dress
Day 216: That Little Black Dress

This housedress was so comfy I could almost give up my sense of dignity and style, and just wear it as-is.  :) dignity is hanging by a polyester thread!

Fortunately, I snapped back to my senses when I realized I probably couldn’t get away with wearing this thing to work!

Time to take this dress from Housefrau Bleak to Office Chic!  :)

First, I ripped off those pockets with my seam ripper!  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pocket, but since I was going to be taking this dress in from the sides, those pockets would just get in the way.


I trimmed of a bit of the fabric from the bottom.  Usually I wait and do this at the very end, but I knew I’d want to make a nice long sash to tie around the waist of this dress.  If I took the dress in first, my sash might be too short.  I only trimmed of a teensy bit!  :)

Just a smidge!

Then, I put the dress on my dress form inside-out, and pinned each side.  I used my tape measure to make sure each side was even.

Pinned and ready!

I ran each side through my machine…


…and lopped off that excess fabric!

Making the Cut!

My new dress is really shaping up!  :)

I gave it a brand new hem…

Brand Spankin' New!

…and then stitched down that front placket for the bottom three buttons.  This will keep me from inadvertently showing off my *ahem* lady bits.  No gaps for this gal!

No hoohahs on parade here! :)

I’m almost done!  To finish this whole thing off, I snipped around the original bottom hem from what I cut off in the beginning.  This will give me a nice, slender sash!


And now my dress is all ready for a day at work!

Welcome to my office! :)

Of course, I had to take a break and grab some grub!  :)

Lunch Time! :)
I heart funky filters! :)


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20 thoughts on “Day 217: Earning my Stripes Dress

  1. Wow! What a great refashion! I agree with Renee, the before looks like my mom well…everyday she’s disabled and really no longer cares how she looks but dang that after is lovely! So bright and fresh! I may have to start hunting me a striped housefrau to do something similar :D

  2. I stumbled on your website last week, and absolutely love it. I even got my bff reading it too. You are such a creative and talented person. Keep up the good work.

  3. I echo the other ladies — WOW!! You have such an amazing eye for refashioning. This refashion is absolutely in top 5 refashions. You took a house dress and made it work appropriate, but also way too cute. Great job!

  4. OK other than the fact that this is an AH-MAZING dress, i love that you used the word “hoohah” for your lady bits!!! I say that all the time!!!! Im addicted to your blog! Totally brilliant!

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