Day 210: Sucker for Seersucker Dress

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Day 209: Publix Dress

Seersucker is a spring/summer staple here in the South.  Wikipedia has a really interesting article on this delightfully lightweight fabric.  Unfortunately, there was nothing delightful about this 50 cent seersucker dress.  :/

This isn't looking good, y'all. :/

Some of you might be wondering why I’d want to wear seersucker in the middle of winter.  It seems a bit nutty, right?  This has been the mildest winter I can remember in my 11 years of living here.  Today temps climbed to…70 degrees!  Yes.  There’s a reason why you don’t ever hear about anyone retiring up north.  ;)

This dress needed my help desperately!  First off I removed these really bizarre shoulder pads.

Rectangles? Reallllllly?

Next came a hiking-up of that length!

Chop chop, y'all! <---This is me being southern. :)

Now I have a bunch of messy raw edges that need to be taken care of.  I took that bottom scrap, and folded it in half lengthwise, pinning it along the raw edge.

Pinning right along!

Under the needle it went!

Refash That Sash! :)

I turned my new tube of fabric inside-out, and presto!  Instant Sash!  :)

Now for that bottom hem of the dress…or rather, its lack of a hem.

Keeping it Even Steven! :)
Finishing that hem! :)

I gave my new hem and sash a good press and was all done!  I tossed on a light cardi (which really wasn’t even necessary for the warm evening), and headed off to a place I need to cut back on…Cantina 76.  :)

I'm a sucker for seersucker! :)
I can't quit you...or you...or you!

Seriously…their food is amazing and their margaritas are delish!

Happy with a belly full of tacos! :)

Did you see my sweet brogues in the after pic?  :)

I heart brogues!

I don’t just get a lot of my refashionables from Revente’s Last Call, I also buy a lot of accessories from there, too (including these sweet Steve Madden kicks!)!  :)

The way I look at it is, I don’t have a lot of money.  I can’t donate as much as I would like to the charities I believe in.  BUT…I can use what spending power I have to support good causes, be green, and look fabulous…all at the same time!  Just by shopping at charity shops!  This idea can completely change the way we consume, and why we consume.  Hmmm…food for thought.  :)


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