Day 208: Sarah Dress

Day 209: Publix Dress
Day 207: Kelly Dress

A few months ago, I spotted an amazing tutorial over at .  In it, Sarah shows you how to make a gorgeous pleated dress out of a boring old white pleated skirt.  I’ve been wanting to try this for ages, but never found the perfect skirt…until now!

Do you see that little bit of Gypsy's tail? Silly kitty!

Seriously.  .   I promise you’re going to want to follow this tutorial, too!  :)

So…how did my version turn out?  Not too shabby!

I LOVE this dress!

It was a tad chilly out, so I tossed on a cozy sweater with it.  :)

Cozy & Warm!
That neckline is just too fabu!

I’ve gotta admit, Sarah’s version is even prettier.  When I do this again (and I will definitely be doing this again!) , I’m going to leave my sleeves/flappy things longer like Sarah’s.

I’m not the only refashionista who loved Sarah’s awesome dress.  Christina over at has a really lovely plaid version that looks fab too!  :)

I have serious photography envy over both of these blogs.  They’re both just absolutely gorgeous (have you looked at them yet?).  Thanks for being kind and patient with me and my cheapie little cameras that keep breaking, and are occasionally blurry, but try really hard!  :)

I wore my pretty new pleated dress to a fundraiser for , where I hung out with my good buddy, Phillip.  :)

Drinking to end hunger!

Cheers!  :)

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10 thoughts on “Day 208: Sarah Dress

  1. This is SOOOOOOO amazingly cute!

    On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the difficulty level of this refashion? It looks super easy…..but like any refashion it scares me!

    1. As long as you have a big table to work on, this one is pretty easy. :) I hate using fray check, because it’s so messy, but it certainly does the job! :) Don’t be scared!

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