Day 204: Have a Nice Trip Dress

Day 205: Grape Jelly Dress
Day 203: Living My Life Like It's Golden Skirt

I love Kaftans!  You could definitely say I’m Kaftan Krazy, because any time I find on hanging on the $1 rack at one of my fave thrift stores, I just have to scoop it up!  You can imagine my glee at finding this sweet numba!

I should be smoking a hookah right now...

Of course, I can’t go out for a fun Friday night looking like this!  First, I pinned each side about 3″ in.  It is time for some lipo!


Next, I ran each side through my machine.  I stitched it in black thread so you can see it clearly.  :)

See it?

I trimmed off that extra fabric with my pinking shears, then tackled that length!  I always do this after taking the dress in, because the dress always becomes shorter in the taking-in process.  If I chopped off the length first, I might end up with something too scandalously short to actually wear!


My dress was really taking shape!  I gave the bottom a brand new hem.


After pressing the whole thing, I was set for an awesome evening!

Check it out! I'm wearing heels!

I was feeling particularly snazzy that night in my sexy high heels!

That was until I tripped and tossed my drink in my face in the process of crashing to the ground!  D’oh!  :/

My life is a series of awkward moments. :(

Not the best start for the night, eh?   What can ya do?  I towled off, and was just fine!  Don’t worry folks…nothing was hurt except my pride!  :)

Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. And start all over again! :)
Clumsy girls need friends, too! :)

I had a blast hanging out with my friends and watching the comedic stylings of .  Huzzah!


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