Day 202: Meet me in Bali Dress

Day 203: Living My Life Like It's Golden Skirt
Day 201: DIY Shoulder Pad Dryer Sheets

Today’s dress has all of my most favoritest colors in the whole wide world!

Check Out the Lovely Colors! :)

Sadly, that’s about all there is to love about this one.  I decided to kick things up a notch and make this dress every bit at flirty and fun as that fubu print!

First, these guys were ripped out with my bare hands!  RAWR!

Byeee weirdo triangle pads! :)

Then I turned the dress around to the button up back, and cut along that seam a bit…


This left me with enough room to pull the dress down over my shoulders.  I used the sleeves to tie the whole thing up, and Wah Lah!  :)

Quite happy in my new frock! :)

I’m so happy with how this no-sew refash worked out!  This might just be one of my favorites!

Close Up!
Check out Tony's awesome hat! :)

I decided to don my favorite new thrifted handbag that I scored for $1.  :)

I think it looks like an owl.

Fella says it looks like a thong.  :/

It's definitely an owl, right?

Now you tell me…who’s right?


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