Day 200: Magical Mystery Dye

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When I found today’s dress, I hated the creepy fleshy color of it!  :(

Skin-colored! Ewwww....:/

I immediately went to my dye stash and found this little dye packet that had somehow escaped from its box!

What color are you?!?!?!!!!!

I had NO IDEA what color this little guy might be!  I decided to chance it, and began preparing my mystery dye…

And the color of the day is ORANGE!!!!

I’ll be honest…I was hoping for something a good deal different from the original color, and this orange hue really wasn’t it.  :/  I went with it anyways!

After the dye bath, I chopped a big chunk off from the bottom.


I cut a smaller piece from that bottom scrap to wrap around my waist.  Now I have a terrific jersey tunic/dress!   The color is subtly different from the original…a bit more mustardy, don’t you think?

Now I match my walls! :)

It’s just the thing for a bad movie night with a few of my favorite fellas!  :)

Hi Tony! :)

And check this out!  A couple of good friends made us a massive pan of Tex Mex dip…with about a bazillion cheeses in it!  The cheese kind of matches my new tunic…just sayin’!  :)

Mmmmmm! Dip! :)

And what was our feature film for the evening, you ask?

...The Legend Continues!

By the way, if any of you have a copy of Boggy Creek I, or the original Boggy Creek II (Yes, this Boggy Creek II is actually Boggy Creek III.  They just decided to call it Boggy Creek II…very complicated, I know!) please let me know!  :)

Cheers!  :)

Even Gypsy loves Bad Movie Night! :)
Cheers! :)
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