Day 199: Bamboo Dress

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Day 198: Plucky in Paisley Dress

Today’s dress was a fun $1 find that probably belonged to some teacher in the 90’s.

Let's learn about bamboo today, class! :)

The bamboo print is really dated, but I like it!  I’m a sucker for odd prints.  :)

With a few snips, I shortened the whole thing.

Cutting down the bamboo forest!

That bottom hem was already fraying like crazy, so I quickly turned it under twice and pinned it!

There will be no frayed hems on my watch! :)

A quick bit o stitchery followed.


Now that dress is perfect for layering over a long-sleeved tee!  I mixed up as many black and white patterns as I could!

Overly Dramatic Fashion Blogger Pose!
What's that up there?

I wore my cute new frock for an evening of margaritas with my good buddy, Erin!

Tequila & Cheese! Yum! :)


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