Day 198: Plucky in Paisley Dress

Day 199: Bamboo Dress
Day 197: Complete Cop-Out Dress

Hello old church lady dress!  :)

Quite Stifling!

Whew!  That high neckline is killin’ me, and check out how the lining sticks out from under the skirt…not classy!

I immediately go to work and cut out the shoulder pads and the skirt lining.  It had all sorts of holes in it, so it was time for it to go!

Cut. It. Out.

Next, I used my seam ripper to get rid of that terrible turtleneck.

And there it goes!
All open and gapey! :(

Removing the neck left the neckline all open and raw edgey, so I pinned it all back together and stitched it all back up!  :)


Now that the neckline was all taken care of, I got to work on the skirt.

Farewell, O awkward length!

That bottom hem got a nice pin & sew as well!


Now that frumptastic dress is looking much more winter chic!


In the middle of this refashion, I managed to knock SlipsKnute camera #4 off the counter (doh!), which brings us to…SlipsKnute camera #5!   With all these cheap-o cameras I keep dropping, I could have probably bought (and destroyed) a nice DSLR by now!  :)

I want to thank everybody for the really nice comments and emails from yesterday’s post.  Don’t worry!  I’m not quitting, and I really do love making refashions and sharing them with you guys.  :)  I also want this blog to be genuine, which is why I share my struggles and snags with you.   I really appreciate your support.  You guys rock!  :)


Cheers!  :)

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8 thoughts on “Day 198: Plucky in Paisley Dress

  1. wow, you made something really sweet out of something really utterly horrible. But then, you do that every day so why am I surprised!

  2. How do you manage to take length from a dress without having it shorter at the back? I tried to do this to a skirt for my daughter and it’s scandalously short at the back while the front’s ok. And I did measure all the way round as accurately as I could.

    1. Hmmmmnnn…Can you email me a pic of the skirt? With tighter things, I’ll actually leave a bit more fabric in the back to allow room for my derriere. How short did you go with the skirt? I try to use the old “fingertip rule”. If a skirt’s hem is at or below my fingertips, it should cover everything it needs to. :)

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