Day 194: Flowers for a Rainy Day Dress

Day 195: Yves Saint Laurent, why?
Day 193: Monday Fun Day Dress

Welcome to South Carolina…land of the constant wintery rain!  Oy.  If I sound cynical and tired, it’s because of this icktastic slow drizzle that’s been happening all day.  :/ I decided to wear something pretty and floral to get myself out of this irksome funk.

This is what I look like at 6am.

 Fortunately for my very groggy self, this would be a fairly easy fix.  :)

First, I took out those awful shoulder pads!

I have no desire to look like a linebacker, thank you very much!

Then, I made a quick chop!


A pin and hem followed.

Just hemming along!

Now…the dress was still just a tad too big.  I took a safety pin and pinned the dress at the waist from the inside to cinch it just a tad.  :)

See it?
Hi there!

Unfortunately, I chopped off just a bit too much to be able to wear it to work and maintain any sort of decency.  :/  I put a black skirt under it, and you know what?  I think I like it even better that way!

I wore my cute (slightly too short) dress to , where I nommed on a tasty eggplant sammich after work!  :)

Such a Treat! :)

Whew!  This dreary day has really sucked the life out of me!  I hope I can get my energy back.  :)  Until then…


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