Day 190: Leopard Garden Top

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Day 191: Scrap Bustin' Top
Day 189: Holey Moley!

Ah!  Flowers and leopard print…a perfect combination!

Not! :P

Actually, I don’t mind the oddball combo, but I’m seeing a bit too much of it!  I decided to lop off a bunch from the bottom, and make this dress into a top!  It’s definitely a jeans day for me, folks!  :)


Next, I stitched up that raw edge.  There will be no fraying for this girl!

Pin it!
Stitch it!

I haven’t nagged you guys about this for a while, but make sure you press all of your new seams and hems.  This makes you piece look more polished, and it helps set the stitches too!  :)

A most "press"ing matter! hehe!

Now my new top is ready for a fun night of hanging out with friends!



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