Day 186: A Ruffled Tee Fit For Me!

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Here’s another freebie that someone gave me.  It’s a nifty and super soft Ann Taylor tee, complete with a nifty ruffle on the front.  :)

Only one problem...

The only problemo with this tee is that it’s a few sizes too big.  Luckily, all it needs is a quick fix!

I decided to take it in from the back.  I took it in about 2 inches.


Then, I quickly sewed up a brand new seam!

It "seams" to me like this is gonna work out just fine! :)

After lopping off that extra fabric, my tee fits much better now!

Nice & Fitted! :)

Of course, no one really got to see my handiwork, as temps have dropped into the 30’s here (ARGH!).  :/  I’m hoping for warm weather this weekend.  Cold weather refashions just aren’t nearly as fun!

Gotta keep warm!


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