Day 185: Is this Navy or Black?

Day 186: A Ruffled Tee Fit For Me!
Day 184: What are you Wearing New Years Eve?

Hi everyone!  :)  So…this is my first post and first refashion of 2012!  I’m a couple of days behind on my posts (don’t worry, I’ve been refashioning, I just have to get the time to write about it).  I promise to get all caught up in the next couple of days.

Today’s piece was a not-so-lovely Navy or Black dress (I still can’t tell!) with a funky red and white pattern on it.


I decided to make the back of the dress the front of the dress.  First, I used my handy seam ripper to get rid of those buttons.

Rip 'em off! :)

Then I pinned down a nice V neck, and stitched it up!


I chopped off the excess length, and now I have a cute new dress!  :)

Buddy Pic!
From up above! :)
It's Ava! :)


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