Day 183: Swagger Dress

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Day 182: Scars are Tattoos with Better Stories

Hooray for Friday!  :)  This week has been exceptionally long, with my arm surgery, work, and lots of cleaning house.  I was ready to have some fun!

...Just not in this.

You’re looking at a dress that’s way too big, but with an awesome print and a cool side button detail that I really liked!

The size wasn’t a big problem.  I just took it in on each side, like so:

Pin it all, even the sleeves!

Next, I went for a much funner (yes, today that is a word!) length!

Almost Done!

This dress actually came with its original belt, and I wanted to use it, but it was too big!  Not to worry.  I added an extra hole with my handy corkscrew…

It's "awl" you need (get it?)!

Now that dress was ready for an evening listening to the awesome sound of !  Sadly, this was their last show ever.  :(

These guys!
Just because I have a blue dress, doesn't mean I have the blues. :)
Herbie Doesn't mind if I borrow his sweet hat!
Hats off to me for another refashion!


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