Day 183: Swagger Dress

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Hooray for Friday!  :)  This week has been exceptionally long, with my arm surgery, work, and lots of cleaning house.  I was ready to have some fun!

...Just not in this.

You’re looking at a dress that’s way too big, but with an awesome print and a cool side button detail that I really liked!

The size wasn’t a big problem.  I just took it in on each side, like so:

Pin it all, even the sleeves!

Next, I went for a much funner (yes, today that is a word!) length!

Almost Done!

This dress actually came with its original belt, and I wanted to use it, but it was too big!  Not to worry.  I added an extra hole with my handy corkscrew…

It's "awl" you need (get it?)!

Now that dress was ready for an evening listening to the awesome sound of The Delta Swagger!  Sadly, this was their last show ever.  :(

These guys!
Just because I have a blue dress, doesn't mean I have the blues. :)
Herbie Doesn't mind if I borrow his sweet hat!
Hats off to me for another refashion!


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