Day 181: Every Scrap is Sacred

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Day 182: Scars are Tattoos with Better Stories
Day 180: A Broken Arm Bathing Buddy!

My good buddy, Lisa is teaching in China for a year.  One of the things she mentions about Chinese food is that there is very little waste involved.  You can read more about her foodie adventures here.  :)  They try to use every part of the animal or vegetable.  I like this approach, as I hate wasting anything.  When I made my jacket for Day 178, I knew I’d have to do something with the bottom part.  :)

Time to meet your fate!

I decided to turn it into a top!  I tightened it up a bit at the top with my favorite pin, cinched the waist with one of my many sashes, and pulled a bunch of the fabric through to make it nice and blousy!

Sitting Pretty! ;)

I wore my new top for a fun night of Karaoke!

...with the Fabulous Irene! :)


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