Day 178: Merry Christmas!

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Day 177: Cranberry Sauce Dress

Merry Christmas everyone!  :)  I needed a nice holiday frock for spending time with my wonderful Fella and friends!

I began with this:


I picked this dress from one of my fave $1 thrift stores…mostly because it was handmade (I’m very partial to handmade things).  It was going to need some work though.

First, I carefully ripped off those sleeves.

Your seam ripper is your friend! :)

Then, I sewed up those raw edges.


So…now those sleeves were all taken care of, but I still needed to shed about 2″ from each side of the dress.

Take it in!

I trimmed off the extra fabric, grabbed a green sash from my stash, and was all ready to host a Christmas Drop-in!

Merry Christmas!

except…I changed into a Tshirt and jeans (d’oh!).  ;)

My good buddy, Mike!
Pals! :)
Mr. Chicken wants a mimosa! :)


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