Day 177: Cranberry Sauce Dress

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Day 178: Merry Christmas!
Day 176: Hemlock Dress

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.  :)  Whether you’re spending it with your family, your chosen family, or your fur family, I really hope you’re surrounded by the ones you love!

I spent today with Fella and Gypsy, baking cookies, and being lazy (so nice!).

I wanted something comfy, but still pretty for our very casual Christmas Eve! I dug out this $1 find from my to-be-refashioned bin.  :)

At least it has pockets! :)

Alrighty!  This is obviously waaay too big on me.  Luckily, all I needed to do was make a few amputations!

I wonder what I’ll do with these guys…:)
Triple Chop! :)

I took that bottom piece and turned it into an obi-style belt to give this dress a waist.  I left the sash part super-long…just to keep things interesting. :)

Still digging those pockets! :)

As you can probably surmise by my lack of a jacket, it’s still ridiculously warm here.  I’m definitely not complaining…I loooove warm weather, and hate being chilly!


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