Day 176: Hemlock Dress

Day 177: Cranberry Sauce Dress
Day 175: Christmas Luncheon Dress

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, everybody (or whatever holiday you feel like celebrating or not celebrating!)!  :)  I wasn’t feeling very celebratory when I first slipped into today’s dress.  :/

I just don't look so great in white...:/

You’re looking at a dingy linen dress.  I couldn’t leave the color as-is, so I dyed it at the same time as my dress from Day 173!

A dye bath for 2!

I chopped off some of that awkward length.  It was looking a bit marmish.


Then, I hemmed that bottom raw edge!

Pin it. Hem it. Be done with it! :)

After a quick press, my new dress was done!  :)

With a stylin' vintage belt! :)

I like how the color came out, but I was a little disappointed that the ropey things on the sleeves took to the dye so well.  I was hoping they’d stay white. :/  Other than that, I was really happy with this one.  Temps were at around 70 degrees (crazy warm…even for South Carolina!), so this lightweight frock was super-comfy! :)



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3 thoughts on “Day 176: Hemlock Dress

  1. Here in Newfoundland we call the eve of Christmas eve “Tibbs Eve” and we celebrate it by getting silly over drinks and playing cards… fun times!

    Anyways the dress looks great, have a fun Christmas :)

  2. I know this is a really late response, but I found you on pinterest and have been going through everything.

    Just wanted to note that my family calls this blog date Christmas Adam (cuz Adam came before Eve) I find it clever!

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