Day 176: Hemlock Dress

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Day 175: Christmas Luncheon Dress

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, everybody (or whatever holiday you feel like celebrating or not celebrating!)!  :)  I wasn’t feeling very celebratory when I first slipped into today’s dress.  :/

I just don't look so great in white...:/

You’re looking at a dingy linen dress.  I couldn’t leave the color as-is, so I dyed it at the same time as my dress from Day 173!

A dye bath for 2!

I chopped off some of that awkward length.  It was looking a bit marmish.


Then, I hemmed that bottom raw edge!

Pin it. Hem it. Be done with it! :)

After a quick press, my new dress was done!  :)

With a stylin' vintage belt! :)

I like how the color came out, but I was a little disappointed that the ropey things on the sleeves took to the dye so well.  I was hoping they’d stay white. :/  Other than that, I was really happy with this one.  Temps were at around 70 degrees (crazy warm…even for South Carolina!), so this lightweight frock was super-comfy! :)



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