Day 166: Date Night Top

Day 167: Grecian Skirt
Day 165: Happy Life Day!

Today’s piece began as a rather churchy-looking dress from the 90’s.   The pattern is pretty, but the style is lacking.  :/

Ready for Sunday School!

I’m looking less than fabu in it, as you can see.  I decided to lop it off and make it a 40’s-looking top instead!


I think this small step made a big improvement!  I also wore it backwards, because that button closure was too pretty to hide!  :)


I wore my new top to one of my favorite Indian restaurants, the ! 

Yum-O! I'm a happy and ful gal!

I’ve been cutting waaaay back lately on how frequently I go out to eat.  I wouldn’t be able to save up for a wedding and still dine at nice restaurants every night!  This is made a lot easier by the fact that I love cooking (almost as much as I love eating!).  

I’ve noticed that going out to eat feels more special now.  :)  It’s an event, rather than just part of my routine.  This really helps in my goal of leading a more thoughtful and deliberate life where I don’t take life’s many pleasures for granted.


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5 thoughts on “Day 166: Date Night Top

  1. Love this one – looks very chic as a top. And well done to you for cutting back on going out. Hope you manage to save to have the wedding of your dreams….when will you be getting married?

  2. I hate to admit it, but I had this dress (in the 90’s)…LOL. …and I wore it to church. :) I wish I would have saved it so I could have done what you have with it.

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