Day 159: A Hole is a Hole, No Matter How You Slice It.

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Day 160: Kaftantastic!
Day 158: Merry Krampus!

Today’s piece is inspired by a tee I spotted at Urban Outfitters.

That'll be $34.
You must be effing kidding me!

I found this tee shirt for $1 at one of my favorite thrift stores.

Just a big ol' tee!

I took my tee in 2″ on each side.  I didn’t want it to be super-fitted, but I didn’t want to drown in it either.


Next, I made my own open raw-edged cutout detailing (i.e. hole).  While I was snipping, I also cut off the bottom hem and trimmed the neckline down a bit.

Open raw-edged cutout detailing!

Now I have a suitable copycat that only cost me one measly dollar!  :)

It pairs well with wine, too! :)

Now…let’s have a look at that back!

Wah Lah!

I wore my new tee to my good pal, Erin’s place for a Walking Dead Season 2 Marathon!  Fella and I don’t have cable, so I reallllllly appreciate when my friends do!  :)

Look alive, Amy! Oh wait...Awkward!

I absolutely love this show!  And I loved the company.  Especially these little fellas!

Meet Max & Igor!
Snug as a bug in a rug!

…Such a lovely undead evening!  :)

Sometimes I worry that I’m becoming boring.  I used to frock out in shredded fishnets, combat boots, and the very briefest of miniskirts for nights  spent hanging out with bands, passing around a bottle of bourbon behind bars and spend my days in a state of perpetual recovery of the night before.  I used to smoke, flirt, misbehave, and thought nothing about causing a scene.  Now I find myself concerned with things like decorum, my fine china collection, and getting in early so I can get a good night’s sleep.  I still go out, but I get just as much pleasure hanging out and drinking good wine on a friend’s porch, decked out in a baggy tee shirt.  Pajama jeans seem like a really good idea, I’ve really gotten into cooking, I’m thinking about starting canning, and now I prefer a pleasant evening to a crazy one.

20-year-old me wants to slap 29-year-old me repeatedly.  Fella (who is about 10 years my senior) tells me this means I’m “growing up”, becoming “more mature”, and a bunch of other nonsense.  Maybe it’s time to do away with childish things…or maybe I’ve lost my edge.

Either way, I’m enjoying it immensely!  :)

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