Day 157: Yay! I’m feeling much better! :)

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Day 158: Merry Krampus!
Day 156: Feeling Green Dress

Today’s top was a 50 cent Goodwill find.  :)


So obviously, this shirt is too big for me.  When I first bought it, I didn’t notice it had other probs as well.  :/

Holes in the Collar!

Also, the pocket was coming undone.  Not worry.  I decided to just go ahead and accept the loss.  :)


I said my farewells to that pocket, too.

Picky! Picky!

Okay, so now that all those defective parts are out of the picture, let’s slenderize this thing!  :)

I took the shirt in 3″ on each side.


Now that top is ready for a night at the movies!

I've got everything that I nee-eed! :)

I paired my swell new shirt with a little boy’s tux vest I thrifted for $1 yeeeears ago.  :)

And what movie did a connoisseur of celluloid like myself choose?

It's Time to Play the Music...:D

It was muppet-tastic!  :D

After-Movie Brewski! :)

Cheers!  :)

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