Day 153: Thanks, Deb!

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Day 154: Save Those Sleeves!
Day 152: From Undies to Outies!

Today’s refashion comes from my buddy, Deb!

All ready for a formal the 90's. :)

This is one of those glittery dresses with a velvety overlay thingy.  Here’s a close-up.

Yup...Junior High is flashing before my eyes!

Okay…I’m not digging this in any way.  :(  I decided to turn this dress inside-out and remove anything that would reveal that this dress was inside-out.  :)

Later, Label!
Snippin' out those dress hangin' things!

I made another big cut.  I’m just not feeling like wearing a dress tonight.


Okay…so now this outdated dress had become a new top for a night of Karaoke!

Meet David! :) He looks so British in this pic. :)


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