Day 152: From Undies to Outies!

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Day 153: Thanks, Deb!
Day 151: Down the Road and Back Again Top

Do you remember my “unmentionable” refashion from Day 46?

I kept the pieces from my template in my scrap drawer…not quite certain of what I wanted to do with them…until today.  :)

Lacy Bits!

I had a thrifted $1 sweater that I had yet to wear.

Beige = Blah!

I trimmed the lace and pinned it to the bottom of my sweater.


Then, I stitched it down, using a straight stitch on the sides, and a zigzag stitch across the top (so it could stretch with the sweater).


Now than bland beige sweater is looking much sweeter!  :)

Much better!
Fella is being silly on the other side of the camera. :D

I wore my new sweater with my ever-stylish pj pants to keep nice and warm for an evening in.  :)

Mmmmmm! Blackberry Sage Tea!


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