Day 149: Kitty Christmas at Pets, Inc.!

Day 150: Go Gamecocks!
Day 148: A Star is Born

Christmas came early for the sweet kitties at .  :)  I had a bunch of shoulder pads left over from refashioning all those old lady dresses, and I thought of a really fun use for them…Catnip Mice for local shelter cats!  :)

Big Pile o' Pads!

I gathered my pads, folded them in half, and sewed them up.  Then I stuffed them with catnip.

Plenty of Nip!

Then, I stitched them up, using scraps to give them all tails and ears.  :)

Of Mice and Pads! :)

I took the cute little guys to Pets, Inc. and handed them out to the adorable tenants.  :)

Some of them seemed less than impressed.


But the other kitties had a blast playing with their new toys!

I have conquered you, Mr. Mouse!
Decisions! Decisions!
I can haz nip?

As some of you know, Fella and I adopted Gypsy from Pets, Inc., and it has a special place in our hearts.  Right now, they’re really trying to encourage people to adopt Adult Cats and Dogs.

Kittens and Puppies are an easy sell, but some of the adults end up living in shelters for months, if not years.  If you’re planning on bringing a new pet into your home this holiday season, be sure to spend some time with the adult cats and dogs.  A lot of times, they end up in shelters when their owners end up in nursing homes, move, or a new family member has an allergy.  They haven’t done anything wrong, and they don’t have behavior problems.  In today’s visit, I met one sweet cat who came from an abusive owner who broke her tail and would put her on a hot stove “for fun”.  :(  She’s sweet as can be, and surprisingly trusting of everyone she meets.  Usually the owners have behavior problems, not the cats.  :(

Fella and I are thrilled with our cat we adopted as an adult, and we think you would be too.  :)

Adult cats are adorable too! :)

There are lots of ways to show your support for Pets, Inc.  You can .  You can buy your pet supplies from their store.  You can donate items on their .  Another fun way to help this terrific organization is to shop at their store, (where you can find all sorts of awesome second-hand things!).  Or, you can just stop by and visit with the animals to help them feel loved.  :)




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