Day 146: Fixing a Fail Skirt

Day 147: Happy Thanksgiving! :)
Day 145: Movie Night Top

Woo hoo!  My interwebs are back and ready for action!  :)  Sorry for the delay on this post, guys.

The story of today’s piece is a little complicated.  This is one of my first refashions, and I think we can all agree that it was a fail.  :/  You’re looking at a rather pathetic attempt at a T-shirt frankendress.

I look like an overgrown toddler. :(

Sadly, I don’t have any pics of the original dress.  It was yet another old-ladyish numba.  I bought it after falling in love with the subtle leopard print (hard to see in photos) with all these people hanging out on it.  :)

Well hello there!
How's it goin?

I decided to scrap the dress idea altogether and just make this a nice, simple skirt.  :)

First, I lopped off the top.


Next, I made a casing at the top of the skirt.


Next, I threaded elastic into its new casing.

...with the help of my handy safety pin!

Now I have a cute skirt that looks muuuuch better than that original atrocity!  :)

No longer looking like a sad 3-year-old!
When Turkeys Attack!
Keepin' Cozy! :)


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