Day 139: Feeling Blue Dress

Day 140: These Boots Aren't Made For Slouchin'
Day 138: Pan Handle Holder

I’ve been down lately, friends.  :(  Recent political events here in Columbia, SC have left me really disappointed and disillusioned about a city and state that I have come to love.  This isn’t a political blog, and I’m not even going to go there.  But please understand that I wanted nothing more than to stay at home tonight, toss on the PJs, eat a block of cheese, drink a bottle of vino, and cry a little.  :/

However…this project is bigger than me, so it continues.  :)

There is work to be done!

What is going on with that white-lined bib thingy????  I immediately made a few amputations!

They just couldn't be saved!

Then I did a bit of choppage…


I used that bottom scrap as a sash to cinch the waist of my new dress and headed out for an evening of karaoke with friends!  :)

Just chillin' with the Fabulous Irene! :)

Oy…my heart wasn’t in it tonight, folks. :/  Have you ever felt like this?

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