Day 135: Nightgown Top II

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The nightgown from Day 110 wasn’t a loner.  :)

How very matronly!

I like the lace at the top of this cover-up as well as the color, but that’s about it.

No worries!  First I cut off the sleeves.  and chopped off some of the length.  This photo was sadly lost, but I’m sure you can imagine it.  :)

Next, I took in the sides.


I broke out the black cardi again (I promise to give it rest for a while!), as it was quite nippy out!  :)

Forgive my greasy-looking locks.  :/  Yesterday, I did my own keratin treatment, completely ignoring the label that cautioned “FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!”.  Pfffffft!  It wasn’t that hard.   Of course, I can’t wash my hair for a few days, so I’ll be looking a bit oily til then!

Much better as a top!

Cheers!  :)


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