Day 134: An Easy Tribal Halter

Day 135: Nightgown Top II
Day 133: The Mirror Has Two Dresses

Today’s piece comes from my awesome coworker, Susan D!  :)

I dig that tribal print! :)

Seriously…how awesome is that print?! :)

As a skirt, it’s too big for me.  After spending my day off cleaning and erranding, I just didn’t feel like messing with my sewing machine.  Time for a no-sew refashion!

I pulled the skirt up to my chest and pinned it with the ties facing forward, making it tight around my  bust.

Safety-Pinned & Secure!

Next, I tied the side ties around my neck to make it a halter.  This also completely hides the safety pin.  :)

Now my new dress was ready for a tasty dinner with the Fella at the always yummy !  :)

A funky halter dress! :)

It was a bit chilly for a halter dress, so I tossed on a black cardi.

Pizza & Beer at Labrasca's! Yum!


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