Day 132: Stenographer Jacket

Day 133: The Mirror Has Two Dresses
Day 131: Honey Mustard Top

My dress from Day 30 didn’t travel alone.  :/

Yay? A matching jacket?

This jacket is boxy and too big.  :(  I also can’t imagine wearing it with the dress it came with…ever.

First, I cut out the shoulder pads, only to reveal that the foam inside has disintegrated to a fine powder that got all over everything!  :/


I used my hand-vac to clean up all that nasty orange powder.

I decided to take the jacket in on the sides.

Measure & Pin!

I sewed each side down and tossed out these guys.  :)


After taking it in, I actually liked the boxy cut.  What do you think?

And it looks great with my Chucks! :)


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